Youtube CPC is lowered, why?

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    I'm a norwegian Youtuber and lately I have discovered that my CPC (Cost-per-click) have been lower than it has been earlier.
    To show this I have two pictures of my AdSense statistics, one from October 2014 and one from May 2015.

    October 2014:

    May 2015:

    This is the highest paying months for me, but as you can see, even though I had 483,854 views in May I earned less than I did in October when I had 397,687 views. In total I earned $1264,48 (9,736.53NOK) in October and $1033,93 (7,961.27NOK) in May.
    If you look at my CPC average at the bottom, my average CPC in May is 0.35 NOK while in October it is 0.47 NOK. In dollars this is roughly $0.0454 for May and $0.0610 for October.

    So my question is, why are the advertisers paying less now than they did last year? Has there been any changes? Is Youtube's cut higher or something?

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