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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by refjaf55, Jul 8, 2012.

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    Right now I am getting comment rating to work.

    Let me explain why, about 3 weeks ago i bought a comment rating bot and I was extremely happy to get my comments to the top with 10 rating accounts(they were not getting ghosted). After about a day, they started to get ghosted (all of the comments would show that they were going to the top but only on my ip) I tried everything that I could think of to try and get them unghosted. I made new accounts with each account getting its own ip, I tried making all the accounts on one ip, and a few other things etc. etc....anyways, I couldn't get anything to work so i gave up at that point because I was going on vacation and wouldn't have internet access for about 2 weeks.

    Now, today, for the first time since my vacation, I figured what the heck, i'll try out comment rating again. I used the same 10 accounts that I had one day of success with 3 weeks ago. Much to my surprise the comments were sticking to the top. Keep in mind, these are the same accounts that got ghosted after a day of usage as well.

    This goes to show that comment rating can still work and we all know that SERIOUS money can be made fairly quickly with comment rating. Some of you may have given up with comment rating and may think that I am beating a dead horse but I am still testing because of the reward of it working.

    My conclusion from this shows that youtube is able to detect that accounts are coming from a given computer even when cookies are cleared and ip is changed. It also shows that youtube "unghost" a computer after a long break. I am hoping that maybe this info will help you and me.... or maybe I am just chasing something that is over.

    BUT I STILL HAVE HOPE and hopefully some of you do as well.

    I will check back in to let you all know if they keep working or if they get ghosted again.
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    i use top comment too my acc never get ghosted clear flash cookies and change user agents sometimes too and dont do it back to back give a time delay i use diff accounts each time if u use the same 10 acc to flag or comments and stuff youtube will detect them and ghost them that s only my point of view good luck
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