YouTube + ClickBank?


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Dec 7, 2008
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So I was wondering if I could throw together a few videos on youtube advertising products on Clickbank and then buy views, ratings, comments etc. Has anyone used this method before, and if so, how much have you made per day by doing it?

Also, if I am going to use this method do I need a landing page? Or is that only if I want to sell my own product? I was thinking of promoting other peoples products first before I create my own. If I am doing that then I don't even need a landing page do I?

My goal is $1000 by January 3. Do you think I could do it using this method?
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I threw a few simple power point made videos on youtube about a product from clickbank and it brought me three sales so far. I am not a regular video marketer and have no technical knowledge of making videos. Simple power point presentations have made me some money and if you make eye catching videos and also buy ratings etc or use balckhat methods safely to increase views of your videos, you can make good money. Try to submit more and more videos selecting targeted keywords in the title and description not only on youtube but also on many other video sites.
im doing that now, yeah i havent gotten a single sale. bit of views but not really to many sales.... :/
you wont get many sales with youtube though...not sure...goodluck you need lots of views...try other places also...
Try using traffic geyser it works great.

hey are you able to monetize with traffic geyser? I've been a member of taffic geyser for 2 months and i can't make anything happen. Are you promoting products or what?
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