Youtube Channel


Dec 6, 2009
Hey go check out my youtube channel! :)
Please subscribe, rate, and comment, thank you :)

i am an up and coming guitarist, I will be uploading more videos all the time, so keep going back to check, I am only 16, been playing since july 2007, please no hate mail, constructive feedback please :)

I will be keeping you posted with what is happening and what not, so come back here often people :)


My channel
hey everyone just updating you all!

just got a new amp today! it awesome! marshall 100 watt,
cant wait to get some more videos up, cant atm cus of my interent band width usage though.. :(

look son, why don't you join a music forum? I bet you will get more feedback there
Is this dude asking us to subscribe in his channel? lol oh man! If you post your channel here maybe someone will flag all you channel instead of subscribe lol
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