[YouTube Cash Cow Automation Empire] Journey to $30k/month with YouTube Adsense


Hope you guys had a great August.

Now we're entering September!

That new search channel I started got flagged with reused content - the pre monetised channel had an issue. So I got a new pre monetized channel, deleted all content from the first one and reposted here and its been 3 days doing that. Hopefully this one does not go down.

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Goal is $2k/mo in 3 months with this channel. Lets see!

Theres always ups and downs, you just need to keep going. Look at when I started.. I still haven't missed a single month of update.

Hello check pm please I want to give you something
None. Dont do that, you can get banned by YT.
Hello, thank you for this inspiring journey, if we cant do text to speech software, how we can create audio ? should we hire someone ?
As you remember from my last update, both my channels got deleted.

To avoid this make sure to never link your adsense to shorts channels or channels that repost content.


- I have started a new channel, browse based, in the facts niche. Posted the first video 1 hr ago.
- I am restarting one of my search based evergreen tech channels, will repost the same content since I had it all saved.

Never give up.

Hello @ev1lali3n , I also got a channel terminated because of "circumvention" and my Adsense was linked to my main channels as well, the question is, when I start again creating new channels, do you link the same Adsense where your old account was terminated by YouTube or you did a completely new Adsense account? Thank you!

Good news! The new search based cash cow channel is growing at a healthy pace! The graph looks beautiful.

I'll keep going!

Key = consistently uploading content that gets high CTR + high Audience retention.


Channel wide metrics:

CTR = 8.9% (KPI = 10%)
Audience Retention = 50% (KPI = 40%)


I'll never give up. Most people fail because they do. That's the difference. Go back and check out when I first posted this thread. It was in September of 2021, ever since then I have not missed a single monthly update of my journey.

I guess this shows key to being consistent and having the discipline and never giving up is public accountability.

Thanks for following my journey, and I know I havent been able to get back to questions, it has just been too hectic with work!
PS: We did cross the goal I set last time which was to cross 1K views per day:


Goal by the next update: 3.5-4K views per day
Are you giving any mentorship or selling? I want to replicate it thanks

The channel is now at a stable 1.7k-1.8k views a day, should break past and stay at 2k a day consistently by the next update.

I was hoping to be at 3.5k-4k views a day by now but well, we keep going.

My adsense had to go through a verification so the revenue shot down to 0 for 4-5 days but is fixed now and its back. We would be closer to $50 a month if that didn't happen.

Been 2 years and I'm still here. Remember that you only lose if you give up.

I respect your work ethic. It's been 2 years and you're still going! I hope it goes well.

Is that your only channel at the moment?

Been so busy I totally missed sending an update, but don't think I stopped! Because I kept going and the channel kept growing in the background!

Here is the latest update and stats:


At my last update in December, this channel did only $39 in 28 days, so since then it has grown a lot.

All about trusting the process, having conviction and staying consistent.

You cannot lose if you don't quit.

Most people fail because they just quit.

Don't be most people.
Good job. How long has it taken the channel to reach $100?
So it took 4 years to get to the $100 a month revenue on Yt ?
Not very motivational.
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