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    So I have an idea that I'm going to spend the next several months on, and I was hoping for some feedback.

    One of my online assets (or what I believe to be an asset) is a 5+ year old YT account that has between 200 and 300 subscribers. I'm looking to make videos that I've to do with tutoring and explaining concepts from in my field that I studied in college.

    Here's the plan:
    - create a blog that I link in my video descriptions that has articles that I write related to my niche with good keywords. These articles would be related to my videos.

    - Research CB products that would be useful for my niche. Mention these on the articles I write.

    - monitize the site with adsense.

    - continue writing and recording quality content on my niche.

    I figure with enough time and energy, I could make this work. My goal is to get to about $10/day. With the new school year starting I could have quite a bit of useful traffic.

    My questions:

    - I was thinking of starting with a blogspot blog. I have a full time job, but I thought I would wait until I have the extra money to launch a website/domain. Is this an okay thing to do?

    - Article marketing seems to be a good way to go especially since I have a lot of passion for what I do. There's no real limit to my content. Are there any third party article publishers people would recommend?

    Hopefully, $10/day isn't a too ambitious long term goal. I'll likely start a journey thread to keep the forum posted on my progress.

    Thanks for the feedback :)