Youtube ads. Should i disable one kind of ad?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Exilus, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Mar 2, 2012
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    for my monetized videos, i have enabled both types of ads as a monetization option (the trueview ads players before the video and the banner ads that appear during the video)

    i have noticed i make 130$ a month with the trueviews and 20$ a month with the banner ads.

    clearly, trueview ads is a better monetization option....if i disable the banner ads, will the trueviews play more often, or will i just lose 20$ a month from losing the banner ads?
  2. weruncompanies

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    Feb 15, 2011
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    Just run both.. I do works great for me!
  3. marusia

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    Oct 25, 2010
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    From what I understand, YouTube will only show 1 ad per video, and if you have trueview enabled, it will always default to that when possible. If trueview isn't possible to be shown, then it will show the banner ad. So, yes, you would likely lose a bit of money per month by disabling the banner ads.

    Keep in mind, viewer retention may be lower by using trueview, so you might even want to test a few weeks of just using banner ads to see if you get better retention and higher user interaction, which could increase the overall views and end up making you more money in the long run.