Youtube Accounts Creation Problem - Is this happening to you?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by georgelouis5, May 31, 2012.

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    Hi everybody!

    See, this is my problem: 6 Weeks ago I bought HMA VPN for creating YT accounts and start uploading more videos for my campaings.

    All was going well... Until 2 weeks ago. Now each time I create a new YT account, 24 hours later is banned =S

    Here's the process I'm using:

    1) Turn on my VPN and choosing one USA id
    2) Go to Gmail and create a new gmail email
    3) Use for the phone verification (via text message)
    4) Go to and sign in (use the user and pass of my just created gmail email)
    5) Once inside my Youtube account, adding a profile picture and liking some videos
    6) Done.

    I still have some youtube accounts to play for a while but it's very frustrating to see that I can't create more accounts for the future.

    So here's the big question: How do you successfully create your own youtube accounts these days??

    Any suggestion is going to be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance guys.
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    I am going to tell you whats wrong with your process.Its public!!!

    Really, you think that using hidemyass ips plus that pinger method, is going to make you long lasting accounts.

    There is a reason why they say , take a method and add your own twist. Not take it word by word and replicate it. lmao!

    Hidemyass ips are good if you use a twist on the account creation process, not saying they are the best. But definetely are workable.

    Account creation is just like the views method, you have to keep testing and creating batches to test out different batches of accounts and methods. No one is going to like say their method publicly, that pinger method is like so fucking old and useless that it got saturated and literally youtube knows already when your using those numbers.

    Account creation has gotten a lot harder over the last months, look at all the suppliers they raised their prices or went out of business, or their accounts quality has greatly decreased. Do you think is coinsidence? No is because you can tell right away how many were using the same old method they found on a thread here in bhw or somewhere else tons of times.

    When that happens, it usually means. Well it doesn't work, or it will create very low quality accounts.

    So ask yourself, do you think anyone is going to spill out their creation method. I know I wouldn't and I have been creating perfectly good accts that last, however that shit took me months of trial and error and creating different batches. IT wasn't easy and just posting it publicly or telling someone will just put it in risk of getting it patched.

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    IM! :D
    I'm pretty sure the problem lies with Pinger. But I have not found out how people create an account without phone verification. :|