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Dec 24, 2008
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Hello guys

What's the best Youtube Account Creator?

I want a software who is REALLY working...and with updates (for not be outdated) and all these things...

I only wanna make little money creating YoutubeAccounts and selling them for buy other softwares and plugins =P

Thanks guys!
check my sig, its working and updated.

does this use a catchall domain or does it make individual gmail accounts and then utube and also verifies accounts?
do let me know iom intrested in your bot!
read the sales page. It uses prefixes for youtube and gmail usernames. so it would be like man000 - man999. So no, no catchall. Yes it says it verifies the accounts. Its all in the sales page...
I can personally vouche for razohad's program. It works great and hasnt failed yet.
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