YoutoobME VS YoutooFE-Youtube bots : very fast mass comments/fav/rates/channel view etc..

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    Hi there !

    I talked with SpK, the creator of Youtoobe-ME, YoutoobeFE (and Viewet).

    He told me Youtoob-ME has proxies support but Youtoob-FE has not.

    As I am more interested by Youtoobe-FE for now : it has the main features of Youtoob-ME but, as he told me himself, it is 250% faster :D (and multi-threadedand, as you certainly already know).

    But as it has not proxy support, conclusion I am a little worried for my personal/home IP :rolleyes:

    As my IM activity is 100% related to Youtoube for now, it would be a drama ! :yell:

    BUT, SpK told me this about proxies :

    "I personally use my own IP, and I never got banned. I've never had complaints from customers about that.
    Try to keep low, and don't do very suspicous activity and you'll be just fine.
    Doing proxies is also risky, YouTube will start to wonder if you log in from 15 different IPs every week."

    What do you think about that :rolleyes: ? Is there someone here who has deletion or even banishment issues by using their personal IP's to connect Youtube/Google ?

    Or for people who don't really know, what do you think ?

    Also, I'm not sure about the meaning of "YouTube will start to wonder if you log in from 15 different IPs every week" (my 10 privates proxy would be good , I'm right :bird: ?

    Sorry for my English guys :)

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    am going to buy this tomorrow and see how I go
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    He means youtube will wonder why you are logging in to your account from 15 different IP's a week. But I doubt they would be, they have better things to do and also you log into your account at work, friends house, on your iphone from different ip's. I would like to have it be able to hold one private proxy for use, so that you can use that one proxy for the accounts and not necessarily a list of proxies.
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    Nov 16, 2010
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    I am also pretty interested in that, but I heard that SpK the creator of Tubenoia stops to do stuff like that, so probably both of those bots will stop working very soon...