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YouTalkMedia's - The Basics Of SEO

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by youtalkmedia, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Hello and welcome to the basics of SEO!
    My name is Adrian, and I will be the instructor for this course. If you have any questions please ask then on the lecture, and I will try my best to answer them.
    This course is text based. Please post any questions below if you have them.

    What is a backlink?
    A backlink is defined as a URL that links another website you your website. For example John is taking this course and wants to share it on his blog JohnSmith.com. John creates a post about the course, and links to the udemy course page. John just make a backlink.

    What do these links do?
    Backlinks help Google, and other search engines to see a website. The more backlinks a website or page has, the higher Google will rank it. This is because in Googles eyes, many people have found the website useful, and have shared it with others.

    Do-follow vs No-follow:
    There are two different types of backlinks, they are no-follow, and do-follow. Although building both types of links are important for a websites success, do-follow links will help a website in search rankings, while no-follow will not. It is important for any SEOer to build both types of links.

    Backlink Types:
    There are three ways to have a backlink point at you, they are through an image :)cool:), through text (You Talk Media) and through a blank URL (http://youtalkmedia.com). When building links to your website, the strongest type of link is a text link with your websites keyword in it. So if you had a website about headphones, you could link the text "cool headphones".

    When you make backlinks it is important to have a variety of all types of links. This means that even though no-follow links will not help your ranking they are still needed, and although image and blank url's are not as powerful as text links you also still need them.
    In the next section you will learn more about link strength, but it is important that you take a links strength into consideration when you post it. try to optimize the strong links, while creating link diversity on week links. (ie. use your keyword in a text link on a page where the link will help you a lot and use a blank url, or an image on a page where the link does not mean as much)

    What Is Page Rank?
    If you have started to read about SEO prior to this course you have likely heard about something called PR or Page Rank.
    This is basically how Google values a website. A PR0 website is considered valueless, or too new to trust for Google. Links from PR0 websites are important, however will not carry a lot of weight. On these websites try to keep your links diverse so that you use images, black urls, and generic text links like "Click Here ".
    A PR9 website is considered to be a huge website with infinite trust from Google. Very few of these websites exist, and it is almost impossiable to get a link on a PR9 page.
    When you create backlinks, the general rule is that the higher PR the website has, the more value your link will carry. Make sure you use this to optimize your links! If you make a backlink from a PR1+ website try to use a text keyword link.
    Please also note that there is a different PR on every page of a website. Websites with a PR4 front page can have PR0 sub-pages.

    What Is Domain Authority?

    Domain authority is a rank created by SEOmoz to determine the value of a website in terms of links pointed at it. An entire website shares one domain authority number.
    When building backlinks, the higher a domains authority the higher valued the link will be. This is similar to PR but authority starts at 1, and reaches 100. A website with an authority of 1 is a new website, or a website where links have no value. A website with an authority of 100 is a very important website where links hold a lot of value.
    When doing SEO to your website you are trying to improve your own domain authority. You will notice that getting your domain authority up to 20 can be somewhat easy, however reaching 30 will be harder, then 35 even harder.

    What Is Page Authority?
    Page authority works just like domain authority, however every page on a website has a unique page authority.
    A page authority of one page on a website can be higher or lower then the domain authority.
    When creating backlinks a link high authority page will be much stronger then one on a low authority page.

    What is link juice?
    Link juice is a term that describes the value that is passed on by different tires of links.
    The best way to describe this is a pyramid. (You may have heard of these before.)
    A pyramid can consists of many layers, however most SEO experts choose to use approximately three layers.
    Like a real pyramid each layer of a link pyramid contains more links then the one above it. On the top of the pyramid you have what is called the "money site" or the site which you want to rank. (This is your main website.)
    Under this you will have a few high quality links yo your website. These links will be on pages that directly relate to your topic, Ideally on a page with domain authority, and on a page with a good amount of text.
    Under these links you will have somewhat spammy links. These do not link to your money site, but they link tot he level above them.
    Link Juice is the power that is transferred from one tire to the next. So the power from the bottom tier of links is passed up through the chain (loosing some impact each time) all the way up to your money site.
    This method is used to prevent something called sandboxing. This is what happens if Google sees an unnatural amount of spammy links going to a website. If too many links are built to a website too quickly it will be de-indexed from google. By using tires in a pyramid your website is safeguarded as if a website or page is sandboxed it will be one of the pages linking to you and not your page.

    That's All Fokes!
    Like the title says, that is all! You have successfully learnt the basics of SEO!
    I really hope you enjoyed this course, and I hope that you learnt a lot form it!

    If it helped go ahead and click thanks, if you have something to add, please post it bellow, and if you have any questions go ahead and ask!

    This is very long, and people won't want to scroll down past the quote to read what you say.

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    Thanks for the share!
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    Thanks ... clear language.