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    I don't know if this can be made, I haven't tested it and probably won't (not yet anyway) due to lack of knowledge and experience in SEO but I am willing to present the details and you tell me if it's a dumb or brilliant idea.
    So let's get started.

    You may or may not know, there's a site called yourpokercash that gives you a free poker bankroll at 4-5 poker rooms depending on your country(yes they DO pay, no this is NO scam). I'm not going into detail with ypc if you want the bankroll just go to their site

    The reasons for yourpokercash doin this are far more complex than what I'm going to propose here.

    So I was thinking,
    1. most poker rooms pay big for reffering people(PokerStars 110$, PartyPoker 100$ correct me if I'm wrong)
    2. most important since all free bankroll sites(I only know 3 and some sucky offers the you never receive from victor chandler, cake poker & some other) offer only once the bankroll(s)(they ask you for drivers licence, id card with codes that they give you attached to them, must be handwritten,etc etc etc anywayz bulletproof systems so you won't make 1421432 accounts) there is really no competition. For example a dude comes gets the money from yourpokercash, loses the money, then he goes to pokerstrategy gets the bankroll gets rich in a 100000 10$ people tournament and buys vodka with the money, drinks the vodka wants another account to get rich again but..there are no other sites..and even if there were people allways want more when it comes to free cash..

    Conclusion: If I supposingly would make a site, something complex so that I can verify identities, to offer them 50$ free at a poker room, or even easier directly in paypal to sing up with my refferal link then i would get 50/60$ per submission and with the page on first 10 google when searching "free poker bankroll" not only will the page promote for itself (DUUUUDE CHECK THIS OUT FREE MONEY!) but the number of submissions would be insane.
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    I'll do that now:biggthump