You're marketing a product in a market that already exists. What tools do you use?

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    Feb 10, 2016
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    My current technique is to post on relevant forums / blogs / reviews (amazon etc) and link back to our homepage. This is converting very well (we've had at least as many sales as posts on these sites).

    This is very labour intensive though - say I create a forum profile for example I'll post 5-12 times before posting about our product. Plus most forums obviously have no-follow tags so it's useless for SEO.

    I'm currently using the free version of Buzz Bundle and the demo version of email spider to find contact info

    Are there any other tools I can use to speed up this process? What alternative techniques can we be using? We've tried PPC but didn't come close to breaking even. Currently reaching out to bloggers too.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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