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Your Writer, Your Content, You - A Guide On How To Outsource Your Content Writing [2999 Words]

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by ScribScribScrib, May 7, 2017.

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    1) The Two Types Of Writers You Will Stumble Upon

    Although there are many different personalities and tempers you will meet out there when it comes to writing, this dichotomy suffices when content creation takes place:
    The Author and The Moneymaker.

    The Author is a gentle soul, new to this kind of thing, he has high hopes and expectations of himself and his job, he cares about the articles he writes and makes sure to make no mistakes; After all, a future bestselling author such as him cannot allow himself any sort of misdemeanors!

    The Moneymaker is either uncommitted (at best) or at worst, he hates his job but still does it as it brings him the kind of stable monetary gain he cannot hope to attain by any other means.
    He has been in the Business for a loooong time, too long for his tastes but still clings on as he is fairly useless outside of his area of expertise or he doesn't have the guts to commit to anything else, as it shakes up his personal boundaries.

    Let's look at some of the pros and cons they gift us with:

    The Author Advantages
    -You can pay him less as he still doesn't know his Worth.
    -You can be assured that he will give it his all as he views this 'job' as paid Training.
    -Easy to train as he vacuums all the info you bestow him with, after all, it makes HIM a better writer!
    -Loves what he does and it shows in his writing/Research.
    -Attentive and always available, he really takes his 'writing job' seriously.

    The Author Disadvantages
    -Has a fickle ego one must constantly attend to.
    -With time, becomes a little too assured of himself, demands more and asks more questions.
    -Wants everything to be 'public', refuses to write about certain things that evoke dismay in him.
    -Has zero experience in copywriting, have to teach him everything and once you do, he labels your practice as 'unethical'
    -In the end, abandons you, as he has to write yet another romance that will assuredly hit the top ten million rankings on Amazon netting him a total of one sale, that being his own purchase to 'get things going'.

    The Moneymaker Advantages
    -Knows what to do and how to do it.
    -Delivers consistently.
    -Perfect as a long term writer, as this is the only thing he does in his life.
    -Resourceful, can introduce you to other people/services.
    -Has reviews backing him up, not a hit and miss experience.

    The Moneymaker Disadvantages
    -Even though he delivers consistently, the quality seems to be deteriorating with time.
    -He is pricey, a notch above all the fledglings but you still stick with him as he has served you for so long.
    -Isn't reliant on you and therefore doesn't mind losing you as a customer, hard to bend, staple, conservative.
    -Does it for the Money and not for the love of writing, which shows in the end result and the way he approaches the task at hand.
    -Can pull the wool over your eyes by outsourcing his work and because you trust him, you don't inquire much about it.

    These are some broad generalizations and no one writer has all of these benefits/drawbacks going for them but when you look at the past writers you have been dealing with, one can without much hassle determine which group the individual tends to gravitate towards the most.
    Before teaching you how to get the most out of these two types, I have to take the time to talk about a rare breed, a fine beast indeed and that is the Gold Mine.

    The Gold Mine combines all the positive assets from the aforementioned entities and minimizes all the defects they seem to be suffering from.
    Acquiring a gold mine can be an arduous task at hand but once done, a lucrative relationship is born, one that could save your Business thousands of dollars and earn you that much in return.

    Characteristics of the Gold Mine
    -Doesn't Know much about IM or copywriting opportunities online.
    -Although he has never written an article in his life, once he starts typing, he creates such consummate content that you are left flabbergasted by his talents.
    -Is happy with the handouts you give to him.
    -Low confidence, susceptible to praise.
    -Never asks for a raise, doesn't think he deserves to be paid at all!
    -Loves the craft and everything about it, knows more about a niche than experts in the same area.

    I could go on but you get the gist of it: He is the perfect worker, capitalists love him!
    Be reminded of the fact that as with everything in life, a gold mine also gets depleted with time and once the gold is gone, the mine becomes of no value.
    Eventually, he will gain confidence, he will demand more and he will start to distance himself from you.
    The only thing left to do in such a scenario is to maximize the amount of juice you manage to squeeze from him, there is a vast difference between a month, three months or a year.
    I will show you how to do in an upcoming chapter.

    2) Attaining A Gold Mine

    As previously stated, it's hard work and many get dissuaded as they unsuccessfully dig in the mud for yet another time but once you hit that sweet spot, an unrefined diamond jumps out to join your venture!
    Without wasting much of your valuable time, here's what will maximize your chances of finding one:

    a) Broaden Your Scope
    I see so many people close themselves into their own shells, communities and tight congregations as it offers them security and a feeling of tranquility.
    I can see why one would do that in the real world, where many dangers lie ahead and one is most protected by their group of same collared individuals.
    However, the Internet smashes those boundaries and gives everyone the opportunity to be as anonymous as one can be and with this in mind, little repercussions can be felt if one were to 'switch sides' ever so often.
    What I'm getting at is that although BHW is a great place, one should not refrain from visiting sites such as Fiverr, WF, upwork, freelancer...
    There is no 'us vs them' in business, there is only YOU and YOUR PROFITS.
    It's your damn job to maximize them!

    b) Approach People!

    Generally speaking, writers are some the most introverted and distrustful humans I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with, meaning that you won't get much talk out of them if you don't commit First.
    And listen up, same as before, NOBODY GIVES A SHIT, send out thousands of messages/PM's a day, the fuck is going to happen to you?
    You are gonna get banned from Facebook?! Oh, gee whiz, it's so hard to create a new account or buy another one and all the punishment my transgressions or gonna get me in, oh god please no.
    Don't be a little pussy ass bitch as there is literally ZERO* reason to behave in such a way, you are unknown to everyone but you, an enigma.
    *Some might be dampened by their morals and I understand such sentiments completely.
    What you have to do is start focusing on what you are trying to accomplish and not wallow in thoughts such as 'oh this poor writer only earns 5$ from me and he is trying suuuuper hard'
    Smash such nonsense with some common sense: If it weren't for you, he would get paid NADA.
    Secondly, you allow him to learn and hone his craft and in the end, this experience he had with you is gonna teach him his true worth.

    c) Look Beyond The 'Native' Tag

    I see so many of you around here cling on this stupid badge that means absolutely nothing at all!
    Some of the best writers I have ever seen were from places I couldn't even pronounce!
    You won't find many UK/US/CA writers that sell themselves short and when they do, they adapt quickly as nobody can survive on 5$ a day in such countries.
    On the other hand, let's say you find a nice little talent from a country such as Bosnia: This kid writes content that makes your heart palpitate but he is not native so better discard him, no use for him at all as he wasn't born in a place I wanted him to be birthed at.
    This is the 21st century my dear 'native hunting' folk, we are all globalized and interconnected at such a level, that in a few decades, countries won't have much meaning besides the illustrative flag and coat of arms, if that isn't the case already.
    Second and Third world country specimen will appreciate your 5$ and eat from your hands like lapdogs, treat them well and pet them when necessary and profits are bound to surge!
    This brings me onto my next point;

    d) Don't Tighten Your Wallet!

    If you are on a 20$ dollar budget then take a loan and come back once you have done so:
    You have to be realistic if you want this guide to be of any help to you!
    Many are afraid of losing 5$ even when they have thousands to spare, make use of their fears and strike First!
    It doesn't matter if you have to lose 100$ and ten hours of your time if you are going to gain ten or a hundred times more in the long run!
    Conversely, don't waste your Money on trash and discard the ones you deem to be unworthy, nobody deserves your grace without having something to show for it.

    Now that you have (hopefully) netted yourself a giant fish out of the muddy water, it is time to make sure that our hunt doesn't jump back into the water!

    3) Preserving Our Gold Mine!
    What do I do with him?
    My rod almost broke as I was pulling him out and the way he wiggles and squirms: What mortal could deal with such a beast?!
    It's super easy, you have to remember just one thing;
    Only YOU know what he is capable of and what his true strengths are but HE doesn't!
    He thinks of himself as some small fry who got lucky to be picked up by a mighty and upstanding businessman such as you, MAKE ABSOLUTE USE of this relationship!
    This sort of subservience is what we are trying to manage as long as we can!
    How do I do that?

    -Always sound professional and serious, don't let him be a 'friend' to you.
    -Praise him when praise is due, never overdo it and always make sure to call him out on his mistakes, no matter how little they may be!
    -To add to the second point, NEVER refrain from getting the most out of him, as soon as he slacks off, point it out to him.
    -Don't let him ask for a raise, DO IT YOURSELF!!! This might be the most important point I'm making- You be the one in charge, you are the one that decides when and how things are flowing.
    Also, a small raise brightens his spirit and gives him incentive to work harder and much longer, after all, there is scope for improvement!
    -If he asks for a raise, give it to him but NOT before demanding a favor.
    Example: That seems feasible, you have been doing a good job up until now.
    You must understand that I cannot just give raises like that to everyone that asks but you are showing great promise so a raise is due after the next two projects.
    -You are the one doing HIM a favor, never the other way around!
    May this mentality be your guide in approaching his requests.
    -Never use direct language such as 'yo dude that last shit you gave me sucked ass', instead offer a little praise and then hit him with your dismay- that won't leave him with a sour taste in his mouth and he will be happy to correct himself.
    -With time, he will become puzzled as to where all this content goes and why you are in need of so much of it.
    You won't be able to avoid this one, so just claim to be using them for a project of yours and as you are in charge of a large fucking business, content writing seems to be the last thing on your mind.
    -Talk about how badly writers are treated online, with sites such as upwork only paying out 2$/500 words!

    Your goal is to make him as distrustful as one can be of any other source other than you, don't bother him with constant reminders of how bad things are, just a small remark can do wonders as it coincides with his preconceived notions about the writing industry!

    You will pick up more with experience, I think I have given you some general pointers, the smaller nuances you will take up with time!

    4) Getting The Most Out Of Your Writers!

    You aren't ready to take on the challenge of dealing with a gold mine, that's fine, a regular writer will suffice.
    Let us see what one can do to make sure you suck them dry for what they are worth!
    This section will devolve into two subcategories:
    Getting the most out of The Author and getting the most out of The Moneymaker.

    a) Getting The Most Out Of The Author

    -Refrain from giving him any sort of useful info, nonchalantly remind him of how great it is to be paid for his writing.
    -His megalomania is determined by the amount and frequency of praise he gets from you: Give him too much and he will become a pushover, too little and he will be left feeling unappreciated.
    REMEMBER: Writers(broadly speaking) have volatile personalities and are unstable in the sense that their moods are affected greatly by the stimuli around them, make use of that info!!!
    -Give him an insignificant raise yet boast about how you appreciate all the work he has been doing and how opportunities for improvement are there.
    -If he asks too many questions, talk about how you got burned in the past and that you find it hard to trust anyone.
    Tell him that with time, you will share more and more with him, make him believe that you are sincere, his emotional investment means a lot to you!
    Follow it up with some 'top secret' info on your company.
    As you have already noticed, there are many underlying similarities between The Author and The Goldmine, with the latter being just a tad more talented.

    b) Getting The Most Out Of The Moneymaker
    -Praise won't work on these types, but don't discard it all together, use it discreetly, when needed.
    -Casually talk about all the new fish(competition) in the pond, analyze his response, harp on his fears.
    -Ask him for discounts or freebies, especially if you have been ordering from him in the past.
    -Once you notice a shift in quality or change in style, make him aware of your astuteness.
    Stress the fact that you can ruin his reputation among the community he has situated himself in (this is where you (ab)use his conservative approach to the maximum).
    -Ask him if he has got any friends or acquaintances in the same line of work, push if needed, once you get an email or two, use it against him!

    As you can see, getting the Moneymaker to perform is much harder than his counterpart but with some labor, it is not an impossible feat.
    His biggest fear is you leaving him for someone fresher and cheaper than him, as that means that all of his other clients have the potential to do the same as you.

    5) Odds and add-ons
    -If your English is lacking, find humans in your immediate circle that patch your ineptitude, don't let your ego stop you from succeeding.
    -If you find a writer you consider to be a 'gold mine', there is a writer two times better than that, search further.
    -Don't trust native tags, as anyone can claim to be native, let their work speak for their country!
    -Always remain calm and collected when dealing with your writers, your temper most often determines their temper.
    -Show authority and offer respect to those that deserve it. Immediately and without flinching shed the untalented among your writers.
    -It takes one to know another, ALWAYS ASK as the worst they can do is say no, they don't even have the option to shame you as this is the Internet.
    -Grammarly is fucking dogshit and no indicator of anything, use a human(best would be you) to proofread the end result.
    -Copyscape is also unreliable, especially when it comes to smaller articles (300-500words).
    I had one client scold me for 'not passing copyscapes!!!!!!' as I used the name of the product I was reviewing, which Copyscape branded as me stealing from Wikipedia.

    6) Conclusion

    Content writing can be serious business for some or a new experience for another.
    It's hard work and something better avoided altogether if you have the resources to outsource it.
    With this small guide, I hope to have opened your eyes when it comes to the other side:
    The feeble perspective of the writer himself.
    Take your carrot and your rod and make use of this intel, as it is my personal belief that with the ordeals writers have to face comes the maturity that is needed to appreciate your own work and in the end, yourself.

    Accelerate their leap into the unknown by capturing their wits and savviness, adopt them as your own.

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    middle of nowhere
    this is an excellent thread and i wonder why didn't it get much traction?

    i'm guessing because of the title.

    if it was ' [how-to] Find Quality Content Writers '

    maybe it could've gotten more traction but seriously man excellent job with the thread!
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  3. ScribScribScrib

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    Idk man, i can only vaguely remember being utterly frustrated with random news excerpts getting more traction than a thread where I poured my heart into.

    Thank you for the compliment though, the delayed gratification feels good :)

    Edit: Here's another thread which went completely over peoples heads, it might be that nobody expects anything from me so they don't bother with opening my threads in the first place?
    I'm at a loss :D
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    holy fucking shit balls
    what the fuck is wrong with bhw? this is fucking insane!!!!!!
    i mean i can't imagine the amount of sheer pain that went through your fuckin heart down your balls once you saw there was no traction

    i mean fuck like i sometimes write long replies to newbs and i get not even a thanks/reply and that pisses me off since i tell em about things that they cannot hear from elsewhere. but then i ignore.

    but this. this thread is gold and i can see there was a lot of effore involved. i cannot imagine how it would've felt.

    i wonder if there are others like you! this is not right, this kills the spirit of potential contriubtion to community because people do feel let down.

    i think it's the titlles bro. you gotta have something more clickbaity. i remember doing a split/test on asking the same question. i made 1 very clickbaity and 1 straight to the point. unfortunately the clickbaity ones get more replies.

    you're still a hustler in my eyes tho, fuck everyone else!
  5. OutOfContext

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    Thanks for this excellent thread. My experience with writers is probably significantly more limited than yours, but I can confirm many things you said.

    For instance, I had this one writer who had zero experience, but wrote superb content for peanuts. He was super excited when I gave him some basic tips on writing better articles ("don't put the price of an Amazon product into the text - this can get one's account banned if there is a discrepancy"), because my advice "meant so much for him", or when I gave him mild praise.

    He eventually realised he's good at this stuff, started missing deadlines and finally disappeared entirely. I know he still writes, just for much higher rates.

    That's what you get for paying peanuts to good workers :)
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