Your Success Stories. Post Em Here :)

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    This is my job
    I remember last year I first started making money online
    with PPC to CPA.

    That was in January.

    ALMOST a year ago sometime in June or July,

    I made my first 100 dollars in one day.

    While on Vacation.

    Now almost a year later, I have made nearly 11k online (like 100 short)
    With the majority of that being from the last few months.

    I am officially part of the "full time" earners club online,
    and let me say, it feels great.

    I did the math....

    IF I worked just one hour a day (which I don't)
    >> I really only work 15 mins to 30 mins a day.

    But anyways,

    IF I worked one hour a day.

    After crunching the numbers, my time is worth 100 dollars an hour!

    But in all reality;

    Its actually TWICE that amount
    (cause I'm NOT workin a hour a day)

    And this amount is only going to increase.

    Feels great.

    Any one else got some cool success stories?