Your process for keyword grouping in ad groups and campaigns + ad creation


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Dec 6, 2019
I have a question for genius ppc guys around here.

Generally we search keywords on kwfinder, we export them, put them on a google sheet and group them by campaigns and ad groups together.

The process is extremely boring and time consuming. As we after have to create 15 titles and 4 descriptions for them all.

Do you have a process which is partly or completely automating keyword grouping in excel/google sheet that we didn't think about.

If someone is explaining to me his process to make this all faster, i will offer him a candy.

Please be nice with the fish.
Yeah, invest your time wisely, and learn from other's experiences. Cheers Fish :)

Thanks dude.

What a shame, my fish threads have 5 pages of reply, I was waiting the same here.

@BassTrackerBoats you liked my post, have you any insights or tips? Can you ask other mods too and bring this up in the next bhw meeting please. It would help a lot.

Thanks bro :)
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