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Apr 24, 2021
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I have this error your post could not be shared. please try again. I had same error few days back when i shared around 60 reels in a day and few days of not posting anything i have got access to post again ,any suggestions and solutions ?
Not really, when I tried to find out why. it brought me to so many pages of explanations and in the long run even
my computer started acting up and now the size of my text was affected, after posting a complaint it took me some
time trying to figure it out, I have a computer technician coming over to my house to see what can be done especially
other emails and as soon as I have more details I will let you know, this link appeared
***your-post-could-not-be-shared-please-try-again-error.1533420/*** - your guess is as good as mine - today some
time later the Technician will be coming to see me .....

whats the normal limit ?
Depends if you post and if you don't do anything beside it, or how old is your account, or what you're using to post. There's no official threshold, you need to start from bottom with increasing daily till you hit a threshold, then take another (similar in quality) account and see if it has same threshold. If yes, there you go, please let us know here cause we're curious too :)
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