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Nov 12, 2007
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I had a idea:

I want to find some scripts for run my own CPA company. Its a BIG business.
I want to open this thread to share experience with members that are planning to open their own CPA network.

Please, comment!
lol.. $15 script for a cpa network? its not even got CPA written right in the sales page, bit weary, but then again what you got to loose? $15!
cool beans!
Time to promote on DP :p
The sitehas all the basics to put your offers... it looks ok.. but kinda ugly layout
lol.. $15 script for a cpa network? its not even got CPA written right in the sales page, bit weary, but then again what you got to loose? $15!

a lot more then 15 bucks, if your tracking is way off and you get quite a few of affiliates, it could you cost a heap of money and a very bad reputation.
There is ALOT of competition in this market so it will be pretty crowded. Over 200+ Cpa companies. Most of them use a tracking system called "direct track" which has a monthly fee I believe.

Good luck with your endeavor.
any cpa network using openx ?
I hope you don't think that starting a CPA company is as simple as finding the right script.... Lots more factors than that but good luck to you.
CPA network would be hard but it is posible.
Goodluck bro
dun give up bro
but gimme cheap when i want to go to yours
Its just a idea.... for this reason I started this thread. Thank you guys for all opinions!
if you can dream it, they will come.
not sure who is this from. I trying to make this longer because my message is too short. please discard the rest of this
Dude honestly if your planning on starting a CPA network u better have at least a 100k saved up...And have a team of people to make sure ti doesn't flop. Ur gunna have so many people trying to rip you off, whether its fraud etc. and thats what will make or break you. its alot harder than you think....

Good luck bro
I don't know if it is just me but I find it funny that you are posting you want to start a CPA network on a black hat forum...

Better know what you are doing or it can be a disaster.
As a network owner I can give you a few suggestions.

A few questions you may want to ask yourself are:

1. Why are you creating a network to begin with?
2. How much time can I devote to this project?
3. Do I have any partners who can delegate the work load?
4. What legal entity will the company be created under
5. Do I know what tracking program I want to use?
6. How will I get advertisers?
7. How will I get affiliates?
8. How will I get managment/staff?
9. How much $ can I devote to this?
10. How much can I spend on a website/company branding?
11. Have I ever been to Ad Tech/Affiliate Summit?
12. Do I really think I can start a network with nothing more than a $15 script?

Do as much research as you can.... Sure there are over 500 affiliate networks out there, but there can be 501 just as easily. You need to apply some black hat mentality towards making your network shine from the rest of them.

Definitely go to as many affiliate websites as possible and do your market research.

Definitely go to as many Ad Tech/Affiliate Summits as possible, this is your entire industry in one convention center.

Have a solid business plan.

Pm me if you have any questions...

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