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    What is everyone's opinion concerning the differences in SERPs between Google, Yahoo and Bing? I know this has probably been hashed out before, but it never hurts to go over it again. Especially with the way the SE's update.

    I have a site that I started about 35 days ago. It is in the entertainment niche. the domain is Exact match local searches are 165,000 and 301,000 global.

    I have been posting pretty regularly (46 post in the 35 days). All uniquely written content from Iwriter. The site is wordpress running the heatmap theme.

    I have done backlinks in the form of directory submissions (fiverr), Scrapebox blast, xrumer profiles, social bookmarks, web20 and article directories with backlinksgenie. And have also run a linkpush through BTB's service.

    Yesterday I hit page 1 (6th position) on yahoo and bing. Google currently has me on page 3 (25th position).

    Do you feel that one or the other is giving preference to unique content, how often fresh content is posted, the amount and type of links, etc?