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Your Health & Cancer

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ironlifter76, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. ironlifter76

    ironlifter76 Registered Member

    Sep 15, 2008
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    Hey everyone,

    Had to write this thread in case someone is not aware of an excellent way to treat localized cancer and tumors. Sorry if you find this depressing, but now having cancer affect our family I felt it necessary to get this info out.

    My father-in-law has prostate cancer and is now being treated in Indiana at MPRI which is on the Indiana University campus. I went to a number of Dr. appts. with him (btw, always have a health care advocate with you when you visit your Dr. to discuss treatment options) and all of the urologists wanted to cut him open and remove the prostate. Not one of them told him about proton therapy and its benefits. After the Dr. visits we researched a number of alternative treatments and he started on heavy doses of vit. d3 and ellagic acid. We are both against the traditional "slash and burn" of chemo and radiation. But, the decision was and is always his to make, cuz' its his life.

    In further research he found MPRI and made an appointment to talk with them. Anyway, long story short...he is currently undergoing treatment there and is in his third week of a 9 week course of treatments. It's difficult for the whole family, him being away and being there alone at such a critical time in his life. But we do what we can to support him. With the economy the way it is his wife has to stay home and work cuz' the bills don't stop just because you have cancer. Anyway, nuff' said. I'll include a little info from MPRI for you and encourage you to look them up when you have some time. Hopefully you will never need it, but if you do, they can be a great, great help.

    Also, if anyone wants to have a little more info pm me and I'll be glad to tell you what I know from having spent a week with him. Some very interesting stories about the people undergoing treatments...even young children, 3 & 4 yrs. old. And they are troopers...makes me wonder how I would handle what they are going thru. O.K. here you go..

    What kind of success has proton therapy had?
    Proton therapy has increased cure rates in several cancers, reduced short- and long-term side effects, and reduced the risk of secondary tumors among children as they grow up. It is the most precise form of radiation currently available to treat cancer patients.

    According to several research studies, proton therapy has achieved promising results:

    * Studies conducted at Loma Linda University Medical Center over the past 5 years show that the overall disease-free survival rate of proton therapy patients with prostate cancer has reached 89 percent, and patients have fewer side effects than with traditional treatments.
    * With the use of proton therapy, 10-year cure rates for patients with tumors at the base of the skull have increased from 35 percent to 75 percent.
    * The five-year control rate for patients with paranasal sinus tumors has increased from 25 percent to 85 percent.
    * Of 1,351 patients with uveal melanoma treated with protons in Villigen, Switzerland, the 10-year actuarial local tumor control rate was 96 percent and the eye retention rate was 94 percent.

    Stay well and healthy