Your going to all lose your income tomorrow.

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    Fellow Black Hatters, I wanted to share my experience with you who rely on websites for there income such as affiliate offers and adsense sites, I recently hit success on one of my sites but it was promptly ruined and still is due to my web hosting provider who suffered downtime and had no backups, take in mind I was paying extra for the backup service and for the preimum hosting.

    If your rely on your web sites for your income then I highly suggest you have a backup plan or failover in place, shame on me for not having a backup plan for my own websites.

    I now have two Virtual Servers that are cloned in 15 minutes of each other using rsync, and in the event of downtime I have it so my DNS provider will switch to the 2nd server in the event of the first one not responding (DNSMadeEasy) I can't stress the urgency of having a backup plan like this.

    By using this in the event of my server within 3 minutes all new traffic will be routed to the backup server, meaning I get to keep my SEO rankings as Google won't knock me off for having an offline website and my income remains flowing.

    To ensure your protected too here are some recommendations depending on your budget and income.

    If you use WordPress Sites:

    If you are on a cPanel Server:

    If you own your own server
    I highly recommend you get a cheap virtual server from someone like DME hosting or another provider (I use VooServers myself) if your on linux you can simply use rsync to sync every 15 minutes using cron. Only problem is SQL databases will be slightly out.

    Just static HTML sites? (Like xSitePro)
    Get another shared hosting package, and use a service like DNSExit or DNSMadeEasy so it will switch over when its down, and switch back when its up.

    Running a website forum?
    I started a web forum releated to the health industry but I'm not to good at backing this up as it relys on databases and chances frequently. Best you can do is set hourly backups or something.

    Hope this saves someones income, I wish I set this up before I established my affiliate site.

    Once you have a backup/failover setup at least you can sleep soundly and go out for the day knowing your websites will remain online :sleep:

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    Yeah i agree , Many people ignore this as they think it wont happen. But i was like this before and it did happen now i backup everything.

    All newbies annd even experienced marketers should do the same
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    Wow man sorry this happened to you, but thanks for the very good tips on how to avoid it.
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    Thank you for reminding me about this. I'm busy making $$$, and forgot to secure my source on income.. LOLz
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    Sorry to hear what happened to you, bro.

    But I'm taking your advice seriously.. I'm now off to backup my whole server.

    Thanks for the reminder and advice.
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    Sorry to hear that, i also lost my sites but that's another stroy :(