Your FAV HoRRor Movie


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Jul 1, 2009
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hmm Today i have no work at

kidding just taking the day off..
so planning to watch a HoRRor movie ;)

so Tell me Which is ur Fav Horror Movie.. ? and why ?

and please Don't tell me about these 2 movies

coz Paranormal Activity Sux ass
& Blair Witch ----> The Shitiest Movie ever...shitier Than "Another Gay movie" lol
One Missed call,Mirrors,Evil Dead,The Ring1 and 2 and many more!!!
My all time favorite was Evil Dead. Part 1 was best. Part 2 was okay and part 3 was crap...
The ring trilogy, the Japanese version made me jump a few times.

pretty much anything zombie but some of the japanese horrors have been excellent!
paranormal activity and blair witch project , are the only movies which can be called horror in a true sense.
i don't know why you didn't liked them.
i saw evil dead when i was 2 years old....And yeah it really scared the crap out of me..:D lol... jk

Anyother movie ?
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No unfortunately it has English subs though.

damn that sux...ok after some more posts i will decide..

is there anyother movie like Paranormal Activity and blair witch ?
I prefer classic horror movies...they had NO money and the technology was shit.

My faves are Texas Chainsaw Massacre the ORIGINAL not the shitty remake! Night of the living dead, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street 1-4. Scream is a great horror movie not only because it is awesome, but because it had been SOOOOO long since a good horror movie came out. I'd like to see more of the Japanese horror movies...Rob Zombie makes good horror movies. House of 1000 Corpses was good as was his version of Halloween.
Damn Chris Angel Where did u come from LMAO ? Long time no see ?
bizzybee have been busy lately haan? ;)...

Dude i will have to say..u have a good taste in horror movies....Thanks..Man..for the help.. ;) +1 rep given...
Enjoy the rep :D
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i love horror movie i watch many them

but grudge 3 is very best ghost act

best horro movie is not about blood
grudge 3.. cool...

isn't there any other movie like Blair Witch..
i mean shitie camera Work and stuff :D..
grudge 3.. cool...

isn't there any other movie like Blair Witch..
i mean shitie camera Work and stuff :D..

Cloverfield, A friend said it was really good, I have no idea never seen it and no idea what it is about lol don't even know if it is a horror or not but it is done in the style you are on about

The Descent was pretty cool too.
My wife jumped and screamed out loud twice. But not me... No sireeeee...
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