Your experience/results with Outreach Guest Posts and Niche Edits?


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Jul 25, 2011
I see that Guest Posts on blogs via Outreach and Niche Edits seem to be all the rage on the forum lately.

For those that have used these services, is it worth the money?

What I mean by that is has it improved your rankings? How many of these types of links did you need to see positive movement on easy to medium keywords?

Clearly, I understand that more good quality links are better but did any of you experience positive SERP results with very few backlinks from these types of services? If so, how many got your site moving in the right direction ad how difficult was the KW?

I now many of you use different tools, but I use SEMrush as my go to tool becasue I am familiar with it and I like everything it can do. I am just going to spit out an example of some SEMrush metrics and I would like to know what you might expect regarding results if you got a link on a site like that with similar metrics.

Assuming you were targeting a medium competition KW that you are sitting at position 40 for would you expect any improvement if you landed a link on a site that had stats something like this?: 5K referring domains, SEMrush Authority score of 50+, 10k Organic Search Volume estimate and 5000 KW's in the top 100. (yes I understand that a link on an example like that is likely to give you referral traffic, but I am simply talking SERPS for now)

Input from those that have used these services is appreciated.
Quality quest posts will. Just be sure you're not buying from a pbn seller with spammy high obl sites.
I am actually compiling a list for myself for outreach and checking search volume and referring links in SEMrush before I even attempt to get links on these sites. Also, if the backlink checker shows no inbound links, I assume they blocked the crawler for some reason and I assume that reason is they are part of a PBN.

What has your experience been with Organic Search results on your site after getting just a few Guest Posts or Link Edits?
Guest Post and Niche Edits absolutely helps. But here people charge 8 or 10 times of what it actually costs.
Per my experience not all are quality guest post or niche edits. But you need to do your own research toi
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