"Your attempt to become a fan was not successful.

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    About two weeks ago I posted a thread here looking for help. Likelo had been installed on my browser (chrome) by my gf and to my dismay, as I am the one using chrome and I am constantly logged into facebook, this Likeloscript had automaticly "liked" thousands of pages, statuses, pictures, you name it, most of them arabic or asian. I'm still struggling to manually unlike everything this bot has likes, as I have yet not found a way to do it through a macro, but now I encountered another problem.

    I was trying to like my friends' page when I got the message:

    "Your attempt to become a fan was not successful. Please try again."

    I've been doing some searching and if I understand this correctly FB has blocket this option for me? Even though i did a search I found no answer to how to reverset his, what can I do?