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Your Affiliate Story

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by derrickvwall, May 11, 2009.

  1. derrickvwall

    derrickvwall Newbie

    May 1, 2009
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    I started this thread off of another thread. Inspired by an idea GrandSlam had

    Some of us are young, old, male, female, good at coding, not know how to code at all, and this list goes on forever.

    But we all have one thing in common, we affiliatize because we want to make money.

    What affiliate stories do you have?
    How did you get into it? When did you break through the "make no money barrier" and how did it feel? How suprised were your family/friends/apprentices when your first check came in?, How stupid and clueless were you at first?

    This thread really has no boundries so I encourage you to tell us anything and please don't be embarrased, we're just all trying to get along and make money, right? Why not get to know a little bit about eachother! Even if you're new, tell us how negative your family/friends are about this right now and such - in detail, always great stories to hear.

    My story from the thread mentioned

    I really do consider this story the work of god.

    I had just graduated highschool a year ago and during highschool, my friends and I would get drunk and smoke quite a bit, but as soon as summer hit and we graduated it's all they wanted to do. You know, it was a different girl every weekend to try to have sex with, it's sort of nasty but we all had sex with the same girls it just depended on what week it was. I was broke, had a minimum paying job with crappy hours.

    The house my friends and I hung out at, we smoked marijuana with there parents sometimes. A year earlier, they got there house repossesed because they couldn't pay the bills, because the dad decided to smoke weed rather than go to his job, which he made decent $$$ and he got fired. So they live in a run down rental home and do a business paper route and make really crappy money.

    I started working on making money online at first doing eBay and even got my business license on a state and national level. Everything was going alright but the market was oversaturated and slow because of recent economic times. I decided to start researching the many ways of making money online and discovered affiliate marketing.

    My job was working at a car repossesion agency, I took inventory on car items and such. Anyway, this family has an uncle that lives with them that weighs 700+ pounds and can't get out of bed and he couldn't pay his bills and got his quad reposessed and without any knowledge of anything they blamed me for it, so then as that's the house they hang out at, blamed me for it. First of all, the company I worked for reposseses vehicles and not quads, that's a waste of there time. Without letting me say my side of the story, they kicked me out of the circle of friends.

    At first I was devistated but then realized that theres more to life then sex with mediocre girls/pointless relationships, doing drugs with parents that can't pay there bills, hanging out with friends that will find any reason to fight with you.

    Anyway, most of my friends now work at restaurants as bustboys and make really shitty money. The parents got kicked out of there house again and are really far into debt. All of the girls that they used to fool around with have moved away to college and couldn't give 2 fucks about them.

    On the other hand, I have a beautiful blonde girlfriend (who's taller than me HAHA), I go on trips almost every month usually instate but still, I make more in 2-3 months than all 6 of my old friends put togethor do in a whole year. Although, I still live at home with my dad, I pay the internet, my cell phone, etc. I'm actually able to buy good presents for my family with my own money. I'm saving money up for my own house.

    In the end, for everyone, it should pay off - not promising, but I really strongly suggest you just stick with it. I have new friends that actually have lives, i'm actually closer with my dad now that I don't do all that bad stuff anymore.

    Life is good and I couldn't be happier.
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  2. Thaithai

    Thaithai BANNED BANNED

    Mar 16, 2009
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    I have sex with elephants
  3. Grandslam

    Grandslam Senior Member

    Apr 23, 2009
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    I appreciate you stepping on board with this idea derrickvwall-

    I think many of us have encountered all kinds of resistance, and maybe still are, but we've got to keep pushing through - let's face it -most people that downgrade or disregard us obviously have no clue what we're doing, let alone understanding the process that we need to go through to emerge extremely successful.

    I got introduced to the IM world when I came across the RJ ebook- I'm not embarassed to admit it :rolleyes:, but for anyone who was new to the whole IM game, it was a priceless learning experience - I may have not made any money from the strategies in the ebook, but it has sure given me a priceless introduction to the fundamentals.

    Fast forward 3 years- man have I learned a LOT. Learning this game is like going to school all over again. I'm still in school so I have to work twice as hard and be twice as creative just to be able to keep up with both academics and the art of creating money.

    I've sacrificed my social status, my weekends, and my summer breaks to study the game. Do I regret it? No, not since I know what the final outcome will be. I'm only a junior in high school- I will have plenty of time from college on to have the time of my life during my youth. I'm not even 18 yet, so why would I want to waste my time being a "cool" kid when everyone knows that high school is about as superficial as it gets? I know that I will have the time of my life in college, so why wouldn't I use my time now to learn everything I can about the game before I can actually put it into use? (when I turn 18). Sure, I'd enjoy going to crazy parties and dating hot girls, but why rush it- I live in a deadbeat suburb with no good parties. College will be so much better than this HS bullshit. That's why i don't care. I know there is far better that what is around me now and I know that I will be in that amazing environment quite soon (about 1.5 years from now).

    I'm the type of guy that won't have fun time at a party or the like unless I have accomplished a goal that I set for myself. That's why I'm pregaming- I want to learn everything I can so I can put it into use ASAP once I'm an adult. If I have accomplished a goal of mine, I will be having the best time of anyone at any party or celebration. But that's just me (although I highly recommend this strategy).

    On a side note - I've noticed a lot of guys on this forum around my age said they have/had hot girlfriends. It seems some say having HAD them had a negative effect on their IM ambitions, while others saying HAVING them now is a product of their success. This has kind of fascinated me - anyone have any stories for either?


    So here I am. Learning what ever I can. BHW is the best. You guys have taught me a LOT even though I'm fairly new here. This place has a true WEALTH of information. In fact, there's almost too much good information - once I learn something, I'm already sidetracked onto another fascinating topic. I guess that's a good problem to complain about though. Too much valuable information is a nice problem to complain about.

    Fear not though - there is a simple way around this. The key is to FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Successful. If you just do that, you will have more money coming your way than you could ever imagine.

    Well, my ranting is done. At least for now.

    Thanks again guys.