Your Advice Needed! Best way to RE-Bound from pages with bad keyword diversity?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by HanaleiWest, Feb 18, 2014.

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    SO... I have an ecommerce site where we have NOT done SEO in forever! Like a year or more! YA I know bad mistake! Got kind of scary with all the animal updates!

    Anyways.. we have lost a ton of links and do have some high PR incoming links but are only using a few anchor texts. We have contacted them and they really won't help us diversify the links which we pay a monthly fee. We have other incoming links from comment posts etc which we can not change and we have diversified the links we have control of.

    So my questions for some of my product pages that have maybe 100 incoming links only using 3-4 anchor text variations.. (which I believe have some kind of "G" alogorythym penalty) & most rank on pages 3-5 in "G".

    Should we

    • just buy some WEB 2.0s and start diversifying links etc
    • or just delete these pages or 301 them to a page we dont care that ranks and pass the juice some where else.. then make new pages for these products with some new content and new better diversified links etc?

    Can you suggest any safe services?

    Thank you in advance for you advice!! :p