Young Military Veteran needs Leads For Offline SEO Expansion

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    Greetings all

    I am looking for an individual to help me get leads for Offline SEO in my area (Northeast Indiana->Chicago). I'm going to try and put all details into this post so let me know if you need more info.

    What i offer: I will be doing local SEO for small businesses across the region.

    I truly do want to trust someone with the ability to drive leads and get the contract signed. I have found that I have become a trust agent around the town because of my Military service, but it isnt pulling any great Leads. So what I need for you to do is... get leads, and ill get the contract signed. I have all the forms and payment proposals for us. Something i had in mind was paying a 30% Commission monthly per contract signed (residual) and a 50% Upon every contract signed. For instance... Client wants SEO service and they agree to 1000 per month. I would pay you 500 initially and then 300 monthly per month for the duration of the contract. I do hope you consider this fair and if not, maybe we can agree upon something else. (Hourly, Weekly,Monthly)

    I had a previous VA/FL that went complete Snorlax on me, and didnt call a soul and got me for a good amount of money. thus the reason of the new structure of commision based Payment.

    What you have to offer: You (US Based) have to be fluent in English, also have great Calling/Email Scripts (or i can provide you with both) Also i will provide our Commission Contract, as well as some documentation to show that I am real (DD214 Discharge Paperwork & Drivers License)

    I also provide (If you would like) a military friendly bank account, for you, that i can Send money so PP doesn't take a fee out of your hard work. Or i could send as a gift but maybe PP will get suspicious? Whatever floats your boat.

    we could talk tonight and start tomorrow. If i missed anything or any questions please post below. I know im kinda sorta all over the place but bear with me......

    Admins if I did something against TOS/Posting Rules I apologize and will fix accordingly

    Enjoy your night


    PS Cant PM anyone due to my limit..... drop your (Skype) and ill im you there or call what have you