Young hustler on his yourney like everyone else here on BHW!

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    Who am I?
    I am Karen (a boy/guy, I know it is a girls name in the west but I am a genuine boy, it is a boys name in Armenia where my roots lay and I am born as well.).
    I am 19 years old and since my 3rd year living in the Netherlands.
    I am going to attend university in September and thus will not be able to contribute to this comunity with my full potential, but I will do my best to help you people as much as my knowledge and time reaches!

    What am I doing?
    At the moment I have an income from a couple of YouTubechannels, managing some websites and their facebook, and twitteraccounts. I also have a couple of Instagram accounts with their domain names, and other social media accounts which I would like to grow to earn from them to.

    Why am I here?
    I am familiar with BlackHatWorld for a couple of years now but finally decided to join, as I want to contribute to the community and of course get profit in the way of knowledge out of it to.
    I am here to increase my online income like everybody else here of course, but to be more accurate: I want to realise a recent project: a cashback website. I know it is a ''saturated'' market and you must really stand out and be unique or very user friendly to make it, but the market I want to enter is an upcoming country where a few years back nobody placed online orders, and where no cashback sites exist! (no I am not talking about North Korea ;))

    I know that there are a couple of cashback scrips, and I have done some research for some days, but I am not sure which one is the best, most user&admin friendly, and most design adaptable.

    • Cashbackengine V3.0, (source code, no encryption but somewhere else they tell it is just for one domain), costs $299 + $75 to remove ''Powered by CashbackEngine''
    cashbackengine . net/
    • Cashback software standard edition $390
    • Cashback software developer edition, (including source code), costs $510
    infoskaters . com/clients/cart.php
    • Cashback website $99, + $50 for brand removal
    kvhsolutions . com / pricing . html
    • Cash Craft 3.0, which offers different packages
    • Basic $399
    • Essentail $799
    • Advanced $1299
    • Everything $2499
    cashbackscript . net

    and some more scripsts and plugins, for example the Wordpress Cashback Script, costs about $85
    instamojo . com/SSVThemes/wordpress-cashback-theme/

    I have also approached some developpers and companies for the work, and the price varies from $1500 up to $10.00

    This far Cash Craft 3.0 seems the most promising script and looks great, but I can't trust just on their beautifull eyes, I would like to hear from others what their opinion is and if they have dealth with one of them or which they would advice me.

    I also know that there is an option of '''White label'' but I don't prefer this option because I rather spend ~40% of my commission to gain brand awareness through commercials, ads, promotions, bonusses etc than just give it away to another company.

    I would really appreciate any help!

    p.s. I am not sure if I should open a new thread for the above mentioned, because there is already a thread about a cashbackscript on BlackHatWorld which dates back to 2011.... and It is actually the reason why I am here so I thought it would be ok to include it in my introductionpost.

    Thanks again,

    Online-Hustler - Karen
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