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young army vet/noob IM

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dkwooo, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. dkwooo

    dkwooo Newbie

    Jun 6, 2015
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    Hello everybody

    At first i like to say the forum is great! There is so much good info!
    I just got out the U.S army in august and good ol uncle sam didnt give me much civilian job skillz,
    Serving your country dose not mean an automatic 6 figures a year salary or high job placement,
    So i wound up working at a warehouse for $9hour lifting 55 steel gallon drums for a company
    Well as you can imagine things sucked! Then came the drugs and liquor and ofcourse i lose my hopeless job and wound up in the streets of moreno valley California
    After some more dumb moves i end up in a va rehab, only to start reading a book called think and grow rich by nepoleon hill, that was life changing for me,
    i started looking more into the "rich knowledge" and people knowledge is truly powerful,
    I feel more powerful after reading then ive ever felt after shooting. (probly just me)
    Well im 22 my mind is young, my internet markeing skillz are well idk what is under noob lmao
    My focus is on expert though through personal development and my "WHY" is strong
    My goal on this forum is to try and fail early so i can learn and become successful
    So then i can help others not make the same mistakes and become successful,
    I know the success road is long but just like the army my mind set is ready for battle!
    We are unit in action and the weak team memebers need to be strong how else are we going to get every member to success? (well those who really wants it)

    much love sorry for kindah given you alot of background but hey its a introduction i will provide more quality to you all and if you see future post from me and they sound just as bad as this one let me know i need the criticism thanks.
    The road begins.....