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    Nov 21, 2010
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    Hey there, my name is Patrick. Just recently turned 18 and attending university in Texas for computer science and art.

    Been web designing since I was in the 5th grade, when I created this terrible comic website that I used to update daily with comics taken from other comic websites, so it was pretty pointless. Guess the name? "Awesome Comics!" Oh how creative.

    Anyway, I'm now a pretty advanced programmer, so maybe I can write you guys a script one day to do something useful. =P

    Currently, I'm involved in white hat companies with gray hat marketing strategies. I mostly came here to learn about gray hat tools, so I know nothing of CPAs or your other acronyms and marketing words, but hopefully I will learn more.

    I constantly make new websites and start new "businesses." I have a web design business, an online texting business, manager/admin of a New York-based eCommerce site, and shortly I will have a fashion website going up against one major competitor. Technically I guess I have 3 decent competitors, but 2 of them I'm sure I can blow right out of the water over time.

    If anyone actually reads this introduction, what are some ways I can do pre-launch marketing for my new website? I just have an informational "construction" page with the option to sign-up for site launch info. Should I even be marketing for a website that hasn't launched? So far, I've only been using Tweet Attacks to post to Twitter in reply to tweets with a keyword. It has created a growing following (I do about 800 tweets per blast, about 2-3 blasts per week) with retweets, replies, sign-ups, and some business interest.

    Glad to be here. =] Seems like a great, supportive place.
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    Welcome to the website Patrick.

    You sound very knowledgeable already for an 18 years old. That's just WONDERFUL.

    I am 21 years old, not as knowledgeable compared to you about web designing scripting and other stuff.

    I have just entered this forum with the desire to learn about SEO and various ways to making money online.

    I can't tell you a whole lot yet, but hopefully in the future we can help each other out.l

    Welcome to the forum Patrik.
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    welcome Patrick. I am from Texas in DFW area. Must like you are doing, I cut my teeth doing web design. It's a great way to get experience learning about all kinds of businesses and starting your own. I know you will find tons of resources on BHW for gray hat methods of promoting your new site. My advice would be to focus on getting the site constructed and make sure it allows you to easily add/develop content areas on the site. The key to any website is rich & deep content. Once a rich content site is developed, promoting will be easy.