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Discussion in 'Misc' started by shylesson, Dec 9, 2008.

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    I had a mate that was supplying my team with 400 article subjects a week to complete weekly who up and decided to bail without paying and discontinued communication. Before anyone says anything, we had a long time relationship of over a year such that it did not seem at all horrible to allow this mate to pay upon completion for this particular project. Our mistake. We live, we learn.

    So now we are offering our services up to fill this gap, though not quite as much as it was tedious enough trying to meet that deadline each week and I do not want to overextend my already small team.

    I am looking for orders of 100-200. 200 maximum a week, but in bulks of 50 or 100. The topics can vary, but a minimum of 5 article per niche topic is required as it requires more work to research 50-200 different niches as opposed to 10-40.

    The articles will be unique [ie. NOT rewritten plr/articles], pass copyscape, and be in proper English by native English speakers. Each article will be 400-500 words, informative, and written with keyword density in mind [without being too spammy of course].

    Some samples of previous work can be found here:

    That is NOT my site [interesting layout he has though, no? lol], but the content was written by me and my team [I do have the zipped articles on my HD with the archived date from August of last year that we completed these. These were completed last year, but are still indicative of our writing capabilities.] as I wanted you all to have a sample of our works without having to ask for a PM and waste thread space here. =D

    You will not find poverty rates here mates because unfortunately my team is based in the states and we cannot afford to write for poverty rates.

    Our Rates:

    50 articles: $250
    100 articles: $450
    200 articles: $750

    Payable via paypal [or escrow if buyer is willing to pay the fees]. We accept payment in one of two manners now to protect our interests: you can either pay the full amount up front, or you can put half up front and the other half upon completion. Alternatively, we can also offer to take on the project, send a snapshot of the completed project, and accept payment upon completion of the project that way so that your interests are protected as well.

    We are only looking for bulk orders up to a maximum of 200 articles.

    Orders will take 5-7 days to complete depending on the volume. They will be zipped and emailed to you upon completion.

    Honestly, I am glad to have this client off my back as it relieves a lot of time constraints that I had before so I am not too concerned about filling the spot right away [who would??], lol. So I am not offering any reduced rates, but I can say that we are reliable in meeting deadlines. =D

    ETA: I drastically [well....kinda] changed the rates as I noticed I gave rates for different article sets [you'll see that thread in a couple of weeks ;)]. Regular keyword articles are 'easier'. =D
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    I may be interested as im looking for long term quality writers for a few sites of mine (all the same niche) ill bob you a PM soon!
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