You may already have an great article scraper.

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    For those of you looking for an article scraper, as I was until two nights ago. Please check your Market Samurai application if you own it. It has a section called "Find Content" on its left hand side. This will find content related to your exact keyword.

    I am not smart enough to think of what I already have before I start buying new things, but I hope you are.

    I put this here because I see a lot of article scrapers out there that don't work. Market Samurai might be an option for you if you already own it.

    I bought WAC and am pleased to have it, but I wouldn't of purchased it if I would of checked my existing tools. (Again, I'm happy and it is going to make many things much easier for me, but I wouldn't have done it.)

    I'm not a very successful Internet Marketer so I work on a shoestring budget and don't have money to spend if I don't need to. Maybe some of you in similar situations can avoid my mistake.

    Good Luck and thanks BHW
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