You know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in France?

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    Hello, everyone.

    This forum has been on my radar for years but it was only recently that I began considering the idea of making profit on the intertubes with any seriousness. I have come to the conclusion that in today's world, all bets are off. There is on security, no guarantees, and no matter how successful one is, disaster could be lurking around the corner. Therefore, I believe the best way to survive is to leverage technology to make profit and control your own destiny. The old "get a good job" thing seems a joke to me now. I've seen people work their asses off bussing tables to attend graduate school so they can get their degree... and keep bussing tables.

    My goal is to earn enough to be able to live anywhere I want. A nice $2,000 a month would be more than enough to live it up in Southeast Asia. But I have a lot to learn first and a lot of work to do.

    Happy to be here among motivated and knowledgable individuals!