You know how to Code/Publish a bot for the public ? ( THIS IS FOR YOU )

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Hello i am searching for people who know how to Publish a Bot ( licensesytem,website and so on ) and how to Code a Bot

    its for a specific game where i earned a lot of cash and where is only shit Bots on the market, i am an expert in this Game and botted with my own team for 4 Years ( we had a private bot, we were pretty big ( 80000 Accounts )

    Sadly that we broke up and now i am trying to still make some cash out of this game, they changed mass botting a lot - its rly difficult but the normal Public user can still use it as the years before.

    I know almost all Public bots on the market and i know that they are rly sht, people are buying it because there is no better one.

    I still have the Source of my Old private autobuyer i would say its 70-80% completed, i also reversed a lot of those public bots.

    me as your partner you have everything you will need, i have an almost completed Source, i know all big Botter in this game and i know how and where to advertise those Bots

    if you are interested and want to work with me, message me - we are working as partner, i wont pay you, we share earnings on the bot

    You have to be trusted on this Forum and should show some referenced, i am not going to give out the source to every X people =)
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    This should be in JV, not here.
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    Nov 10, 2015
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    Hi, we can work for you.
    Do add us on skype for better communication
    Skype id : bil_stylish18