You have to lock-in the perfect mentality to make money online.

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    You have to lock-in the perfect mentality to make money online.

    I was typing captcha?s today on Myspace. It was tiresome and whiles I was typing in these codes, ?why am I here and I could be youtube marketing? came to my mind, and other sort of stuff. Mind you, I never was presented with a handful of opportunities like to get free e-books and software?s. I died to save up for the rich jerk before I knew what the world nulled meant! I never imagined this existed, but how did I tread this path? Dedication! Before I had this handful of opportunity presented to me I was more hard-working, (I actually got lazy upon finding this forum). I got stuff done, but back then I didn?t know how to monetize (the keyword here). If I possess the same dedication I did before I knew all this information, along with this information, I could get much more done.

    So I cleared myself for the moment and made it affirmative that I had to kick myself. I had an experience from the past working very hard which now I can point out mistakes (monetizing). I suddenly didn?t have a problem typing the captchas! I made it my need to do this because I had no other option (factuality is I do), too many options brings laziness, to me and? to you! Yes, you who doesn?t know this. This is an inspiration, don?t get lazy because I?m sure before we all had this opportunity to get this information we now do, we would actually worked more! I red and absorbed, thinking another day would come with a magical method, of course it did, but I was lazy and this is why. I hope some of you would do some work, pretend there?s no other option, it