You guys get the best results with broad, phrase, or exact keywords?

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by Zozja, Mar 25, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm curious. In general, which type of keywords do you run in your campaigns, broad, phrase, or exact.

    Seems to me that having many good keywords in exact match mode would yield the highest profit. You would be able to taylor each keyword to a specific ad made specifically for it. That would increase ctr and quality score.

    Is this your experience? Or do you prefer broad or phrase match while employing negative keywords?

    I appreciate your thoughts!

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Here's How I do It:

    For New Campaign I always Start With [Exact] & "Phrase" Keywords
    When I get A Sale I Try The Broad Phrase But I Plug It In Adwords Keyword So I Can Get An Idea What Word Is Not Relevant To My Product So I Can Add It As Negative Keyword.

    If It Convert To A Profit, I keep it and Add More Relevant Keyword

    In My OWN Opinion This Is the Safest Way To Test The Water. You Don't Really Have To Risk A Lot Of Money To Make Money.

    To Answer Your Question That Really Depends On The Market. So Test, Test And Test Some More!!!
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    Thx for your comments, i'll try it with my first account