You Dont NEED a website to get accepted to CPA

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    First and foremost CPA isn't just something you can only do online, all pyramid Scheme companies, working for primerica and MOST jobs that pay commission sales only all use CPA. for example i rent a suite and hire people to sell my product (i select a random health product lets say from peerfly worth 60$) Each of my representatives get a 40$ commission out of the 60$. My company has a total of 20 sales Representatives. pretty much all you need is a website like to pay your employees, how do your rep make sales?? you make a form that the customers has to sign up that will include their personal info and payment options, after that the rep will go ahead and submit the sale.

    Pretty basic and a great way to use CPA, it is easier to do it this way considering you will have people working for you, of course you can grab a few sales noobs from CL.

    Just sit back and relax and give your sales rep a cut for doing your work :eek:. Much more profitable this way than going through all the headache spending money on PPC or Campaigns. Who agrees with me?