You can't do this by yourself...can you...?

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    So I work with 2 other people full time. We still need to employ other people to outsource various tasks and once we have many more sites up and running (aiming for 100) we're going to constantly need to build backlinks and create more content..

    I'm just thinking when I used to read those sales pitches of, 'how to make money online' back in the day about 5 years ago when I first started..

    It used to say you could find a niche, rank it and make bank..

    Well if you scale this up (which you pretty much need to do it you're working micro niches) you're going to need a small army of employees..

    Well that's my finding at the moment.. You can't realistically do this job without outsourcing, unless you want to spend every minute of your day doing it and take about 1 week per website.. And for me, that's just not feesible, financially or time-wise..

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    Without outsourcing - auto tools and bots - and real humans it is a tough ask

    But for you! You know what is needed so you will succeed:cool:

    Good Luck