You Can't Be Narrow Minded In This Game. [THOUGHTS?]

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    Hey guys, I decided to throw this topic on here to get thoughts more from people who have been in this "game" a while now, and see if their mentality matches mine...

    BACK STORY: The way I been more and more thinking not about this business and how to make money in it, the more open minded I am starting to be come. To elaborate on that I will break it down a bit, there are tons of new members, here and across other similar sites that want to "make money online"...well the way I am starting to see this more and more, there is not a simple method/answer to that, due to the fact that you need to adapt what is out there to your wants and needs.

    To give a hands on example, I posted a thread about 1.5 years ago on here breaking down a simple method of how to make an easy side income from automatic system on Swagbucks TV and an autoclicker....that system worked very well for me while it LASTED (close to $1,000), recently I went to swagbucks and see if I could still use the same method on there, but no...they fixed it so you can only watch a video once a day (versus unlimited times back in a day to get points), even though that bummed me out for a little bit, it got the gears turning again, what I can do that is similar to Swagbucks/method but with a different product, and recently I possibly found a different method (hopefully will post about it in the next few weeks while it's fully developed), and from the math I put into it it should bring between 7-10 dollars a day from technically doing nothing -- automatic task.

    If you think about it, 10 bucks a day...pshhhh I can make that much flipping burgers in a an hour, but WHO IS STOPPING YOU, it's a side income, so you are saying you are willing to pass up 10 bucks a day of free money? (4 days and that fills up your gas tank[avg]), ($3,600 a year)

    The main point to this is that I don't plan on stopping here once I finalize this method, I plan on looking for others as well (Securing my Adfly/Adfoc Methods, Affiliate marking, etc)], and the best part of it all it's not my technical "job" it's a side income to my career....which once again does not hurt.


    1.There is no true "right/wrong" method in online money making, you need to figure out what works for YOU and then possibly modify it so it truly becomes YOURS.

    2. What works today might not work tomorrow -- I am grateful for communities like this to be around, but due to method being spread so massively, the businesses which those methods being used "against", often catch on quickly due to that, and "patch their methods" you need to evolve due to that.

    3. Dont be narrow minded -- if you found a method that works for you...Thats Great! but don't think that you should just sit on your @ss all day now and hope you will make enough money...think of other methods! Develop methods! Share Ideas! Etc.

    4. Anything posted on here can be used in "offline" world as well.

    Anyways, this became more of a mindflow then I expected it to be, but thoughts? Please feel free to agree or disagree, I mean this is why we are all here :)

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