"You can backlink, but not from within the content" -.-

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    I totally dislike that. Seriously. I contacted a couple of blog owners to let me guest post on their blogs and they send me (usually) a positive answer. After I send them the post (HTML ready) they usually answer "Hey, you can't link to your website within the content. You can only link within the author bio" :suspicious:

    Why people do that? Are you guys afraid you'll get caught by Google? I don't even use no-following links, a while ago even my comments were do-follow and my site is performing very well, my sites get indexed in seconds literally and rankings are better and better the less I care about SEO. I only care that my backlink profil is diversed and not spammy.

    P.S. Some also say, AFTER they say they are accepting guest posting - you can link but you have to pay. Yeah right. Then remove "write for us" page from your blog :suspicious:
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