[YOPBN] Upgrade Your SEO To The Next Level With Your Own Private Blog Network From OldLord

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  1. OldLord

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    Oct 27, 2011
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    [YOPBN] Upgrade Your SEO To The Next Level With Your Own Private Blog Network

    YOPBN - Your Own Private Blog Network, Built By OldLord

    Get "Your Own Private Blog Network" - Rank Ultra High Competition Keywords Safely And With 100% Control

    As some of you know, I've been offering this privately for a while now. It is out in the open finally.

    YOPBN is the tool of the SEO Elites. It is the holy grail of search engine optimization industry. It is how the big guys rank, and it is how the big seo companies can guarantee massive rankings to their clients. If you have YOPBN, you have a huge competitive advantage.

    YOPBN is a better choice than other types of link building for many reasons.

    High Quality:
    You decide what kind of domains (PR/DA) you want us to acquire. We can do exactly that. You control the content, posting speed, outbound links, design and even the site structure. You can be assured of high quality.

    You don't ever link to a shady website in YOPBN. All your outbound links are high quality and you choose them carefully. You only post quality content from a provider which you trust. No risk of contamination.

    Exact Relevance:
    YOPBN is exactly relevant to your niche. For example, if you are promoting a DUI lawyer's site, YOPBN will be exactly relevant to local DUI niche. That will ensure excellent results, better than any other networks or links. Whenever you create a new page on your site, you can easily promote it with YOPBN.

    Great for Resellers:
    You control YOPBN as you desire, so you can be sure you won't break the promises made to your clients. Offer YOPBN to your premium clients for a high premium!

    We Handle All The Work:

    Step 1: We acquire domains as per your requirements. Tell us what PR range, DA you want. We'll do it.

    Step 2: We get content written as per your requirements. There are 2 options:
    a) 4 Star Content: It is unique, handwritten, finely readable and grammatically correct but not necessarily written by a native english person. It works for most uses.
    b) 5 Star Content: Written by US/UK natives with college degrees. The quality of this content is very high and there is no reason it will disappoint anyone.

    Step 3: We set up your network:
    We set up your sites with suitable themes and content including images and videos. You can pay a low fixed monthly price for hosting on unique C class ips.

    Step 4:
    We hand over everything to you
    This part is easy

    Why buy YOPBN from Oldlord and not from someone else?
    You tell me, who is the original and proven wholesaler of niche relevant blog posts? You choose between the original creator and the resellers. You can surely find some clueless NEWBIE resellers here whose goal is to make a quick buck and then disappear. When you buy from the original creator like Oldlord (not a reseller) then you can be sure that you get the real deal.

    $60 per site. Bulk discounts available. We reserve the right to reject anyone's order.

    How to order:
    PM and add me on skype.

    Turnaround Time:
    10-20 days after order confirmation

    Refund policy:
    We will help you throughout the process but some things such as Google updates are beyond our control. No refund requests will be entertained.

    Before you contact me, please make sure you have the budget for YOPBN and you are in a buyer's state of mind.

    Email: oldlord(at)ymail(dot)com
    Skype: choco.lava

    Affiliates: If you know an SEO agency and you want to refer a client to me, feel free to contact me. We offer a guaranteed referral commission.
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    Domains are good and have decent authority. Will give my detailed review once I see movements.
  3. OldLord

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    Thanks for the review BigBuddy! Been busy lately setting up networks for clients. Now accepting regular orders.

    First 3 clients to place an order will get 10% extra domains :)

    Click here to place your order
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