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From @Zwielicht: For the review, @hacko provided me with a 2,506-word article on the topic of technical SEO. Despite some grammatical errors, the article sounded pretty good overall and definitely wasn't bad considering this seller's rate. The details of the review are below.

Service Highlights
  • The article was well-researched for the most part and pretty informative. I was able to read it from beginning to end without getting the feeling that it was dragging on.
  • The article I received was written in a consistent matter-of-fact tone.
  • As this service mentions Yoast's readability score, I've posted a screenshot of the scores for the article I was sent below. As you can see, everything checks out here.
  • dmWYTMJ
  • 0% plagiarism according to the plagiarism checker I used.
Service Highlights
  • 23 errors were found by Grammarly, but only 17 were actually valid. The errors consisted of typos, omissions of determiners, missing hyphens, misused punctuation marks, erroneous quantifiers, and incorrect prepositions.
  • In addition to those 17 errors, I found 5 more errors while I read the article, bringing the total number of spelling and grammar errors up to 22. The additional errors I found were mostly the same as the first 17, with the exception of a few instances where the seller didn't use coordinating conjunctions to join independent clauses separated by commas.
Additional Information
  • As a keyword was not provided to the seller, I did not check Yoast's SEO scores for this article.
Giving away ten free 500 word review copies :)
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Would like a review article, thanks
Count me in for the review copy!

I'd want one too please :)

Let me know if I qualify for the articles :)

Would like a review article, thanks

Count me in mate. Best of luck!

Would like a review copy! :)

I'd love to get a free review copy.

review copy for me too pls

In for a review copy.

I am interested.
Will leave my honest review as usual.

Count me in for a review copy

Please PM me your topic and focus keyword.

All review copies have now been given away, so please don't ask for more as it won't happen again. Thank you :)
Ok, received my articles here is my review:
Last Sunday placed order for 6 articles 18k words total, so TAT was 7 days!
Gave seller instructions on articles, which where delivered, and I can see they are well written and researched.
I'm happy with work, will order next batch pretty soon, cheers!
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