Yippy, I'm activated

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    YEA! Yippy! I finally got activated.

    I gave up hope on getting to participate in this site but I'm sure happy to find I was approved.

    Hi, my name is Victoria, I live in the Silicon Vally :tee:

    I'm not really a black hat in the hacker sense but ... maybe gray or off white. :p

    I have soft adult sites for (per sale) and some mainstream ones for Ggl Adsnse. It's a nice ballance because when I tell friends and family I'm working form home webmastering they always ask "or really, whats the site?" So I started up mainstreaming it just so I could show someone my work. :cool:

    I'm also a hardcore libertrian. I believe the internet should not be censored and we should be free to run our business how we choose as long as I'm not commiting crimes.