Yea I Know This Is Suppose To Be Blackhat

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    Forum here ... but I grabbed this from another forum .... can be used by some noobs to get the juices flowing:

    12 Steps

    1. Select CPA offer to market

    2. Conduct Keyword Research to identify good trafficked keywords with low
    competition (Select 5 - 10 good keywords) I usually try to find a keyword
    that has at least 100 visitors a day with less than 50,000 competitors

    3. Register your domain name with your best keyword

    4. Setup website hosting

    5. Redirect your domain to your website host

    6. Install a Wordpress blog from cPanel

    7. Setup a category on the blog for each keyword

    8. Setup a post for each keyword

    9. Social bookmark main blog web address, bookmark each post as well

    10. Create a video, use camtasia and did a screen capture, make one for
    each keyword

    11. Post to YouTube, ( use TubMogul and blast it to other sites as well)

    12. Social bookmark each video

    Give it a shot .. says it works for him