Yahoo Sitebuilder Hack Possible?

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    It happened unexpectedly, after a year of being with day I entered my website address into my browser and presto--it was gone! Without warning Yahoo had canceled my account. In retrospect it was my fault as I had (a few) topless pictures on it (omg topless pictures how horrible!). This is in violations of Yahoo lengthy and exhaustive "terms of service". But this is not the worst part. After calling Yahoo and staying on line with them for an hour to hear the news about my site being taken down..I found out even more somber over 3,000 page site that I hand created with Yahoo Sitebuilder could not be uploaded to another host..because this is to be used only with Yahoo hostings!!!!!

    So I wanted to throw this question out to see if anyone here knows a way around this. I've heard that there is a way to publish to other hosts..but it will appear with a yahoo logo on top of every page(grrrr). I think this is a horrible move on yahoo's part..cause I actually got this program(sitebuilder) before I got yahoo hosting..and it really is the best/easiest website creation tool that I've used. I wouldn't even mind it if they made you pay a premium to use it..but to trap people into using their service is dirty pool in my book!! Yeah I know it is "YAHOO" sitebuilder..but still they offer this as freewhere software everywhere and they should give you an option to buy this and use where ever you choose to.

    So my question is ..does anyone know of a black hat tool or method to "trick' the sitebuilder program to upload to non-yahoo hosts??
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