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    Aug 26, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    I have been contacted by some guys and i promised that i will release an Yahoo messenger mass sender program on blackhatworld for those who feel the need for such a tool.
    After several tests, i have decided to quit this program. I have the program in beta, but i do not feel that it is worth to be released.
    The reason that were behind this:

    -the program was running from your computer and it was using a lot of resources, therefore making your computer slow down considerable. (well, at least my computer)

    -after a certain number of messages sent you were not allowed to use the same id anymore, therefore the program needed to change plenty of ids automatically, leading to making necessary creating a good yahoo account creator software, too much trouble in this sense.

    -the third and the most important, if the person to whom you were sending the message was NOT online, then your message won't appear as offline message.(assuming that the respective person was not in your yahoo list, but just a random yahoo account of course) Therefore you can hit your list with your messages only if you catch them online. This is a major factor which does not depend on the script, but on the yahoo messenger program.

    So, the idea is simple, i will not release the software since i do not think it is worth to release a buggy software, and also the prelaunching tests that i have done using different lists have had a very low conversion. I am not planning to release a shitty program on the market. Whoever feels that he can create a better software is welcome to try buy i do not think that anyone can bypass the third aspect mentioned by me. But for these, probably i will keep the program for personal use like many others, and if at any time ,i feel i can turn it into a valuable product, i will let you know.


    Nick Flame