Yahoo Bing 312 Clicks But no Conversion

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by umarchf, Aug 1, 2014.

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    Hello Guys i was spend $100 on bing advertising and got 20k impression , 312 clicks, but no conversion , also spend $50 on adword same result. This is some kind of installation offer, i knew some guys who ran this offer and make good bank. I am still trying and trying and wait for good result. Senior Members, Experienced please leave comment that will be really helpfull for me and other beginners and suggest what's wrong with me.
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    Look at the keywords you are using. Find which keywords you are getting the most clicks from and see they are targeted keywords.

    Whatever your keywords are --> your landing page must match.

    if your ad is getting alot of click from some keyword Example "adobe photoshop cs6 reviews" then your landing page must be about "adobe photoshop reviews and a affiliate link to download that software" Keep your landing page short and to the point. Make sure your landing page is offering something amazing that the user wants right now.

    If your ad is getting alot of clicks from a some keyword that is not really targeted then lose it.

    1) look at your keywords your using
    2) see if your keywords are targeted towards the offer on your landing page
    3) filter out keywords every week that are not converting
    4) use analytics to do the page analysis or heat map to see where your users are clicking or staying them most.

    Keep filtering and repeating and you will start to get results.
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