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Yahoo Australia Yahoo7 Where are the ads gone?

Discussion in 'Yahoo & MSN' started by mikie46, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. mikie46

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    Aug 6, 2008
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    In the past few weeks Yahoo7 which is Yahoo in Australia stopped showing BING ADS. Then, i received an email stating that at the end of Oct Yahoo7 will become a partner of Google and Google ads will start showing on Yahoo7 http://au.yahoo.com and other derivatives of that url associated with AU.

    ... but these idiots have already stopped showing my ads, as of 4 days ago, on Yahoo7 and they seem to have already switched over completely. WTF! My ads are getting like 20 impressions a day and nobody from their customer support has the decency to reply to a support email. I have been emailing them for 3 months with questions and not one time have they answered.

    Funny thing is, they still want our money.

    This is absolute bullshit on Yahoo7's part.

    Id like to know where my ads are running. I cant find them anywhere.

    Come on your Aussies, speak up!!! Can you find your paid ads on Yahoo7?

    Those are are not running on au.yahoo.com, yahoo.com.au or even au.yhs4.search.yahoo.com.

    And no, i have not been banned. I dont even see my competitors ads running anywhere. All i see on Yahoo7 are Google ads for the same product/niche.
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