Yahoo answers is the pits!!!

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I know some of you guys manage to get some good traffic using yahoo answers but I wish there was another Q&A site which could bring as much traffic.

Every time I post a few answers it appears they are being reported in just an hour or two, it seems that someone is going through whatever profile I am using at the time and randomly reporting ANY of my answers, even the genuine ones I post to make my account look less spammy. My guess would be a competitor in my niche. Problem is yahoo just removes the answers straight away, they don't even seem to investigate because if they did my genuine answers would not be removed as there is no hint of spam on them.

I'm not going to ask if anyone else has this problem because I'm not naive enough to believe that I am unique in this. I just wanted to have a rant about it. I think I'll spend my time on another site to generate traffic from now on.
For some reason, I have never had one of my answers flagged...

I keep things non-spammy and don't post excessively.

Keep on pushin forward and test test test.
I think the problem is my niche, it is fairly saturated on YA so the competition try to eliminate each other, something I don't feel comfortable doing as we're all out there to make a living.

I always try and make my answers look non spammy by giving a fairly detailed answer and referring to someone/something or somewhere I got my information from but they still keep getting reported. Oh and I try to post just 5-6 answers per account per day or every couple of days including my 'genuine' answers.
Try posting answers in different niches - that would make your profile look natural. You don't have to answer questions only in your desired niche.
I answer stuff in all niches from relationships to DIY as well as niche related questions.

I might try just an occasional answer here and there rather than 5-6 at once.
I answer questions all the time, all over the place.

Usually when my answer gets removed, I'm like,

"Damn, caught me."

There are plenty of question and answer sites.
I answer questions all the time, all over the place.

Usually when my answer gets removed, I'm like,

"Damn, caught me."

There are plenty of question and answer sites.

There might be plenty but I've yet to find one that gives a traffic boost like YA does. Maybe I need to dig deeper.

I need to vary my sources anyway.
we are experienced in yahoo answers service.we know some tips and we follow that.Most of our answers won't get deleted.We have a Live sales thread here in BHW.You can go through my posts and have a look at it on how other buyers are responding to our work.Yahoo answers is really the best place for getting traffic.Even we faced lots of problems like this and lost so many level 2 accounts too and at last we are happily working on it.
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