Yahoo answering Service ?

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    May 8, 2011
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    Let us check out the status.. of the
    Yahoo Answering Service Providers..

    Have anyone check out thoroughly after receiving the work report of Yahoo Answering service from any provider.???

    i experimented Yahoo answers with tons of KW / Niche / Relative searches..
    80% percentage of the result is

    "No Open Question on your topic"
    all were closed after its duration

    Then how the Providers providing the service for the customers kws daily...and best answers too ???? time to think of it....

    did they create the answers and questions as well ???? :p

    Some creates hypes, such as "We research on questions"...etc ...etc...
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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Well for those niche that are not that competitive, you can expect that there are also few question available for answering and you are right that sometimes you cant even find an open question for it.

    I think the solution for these provider is to create a question related to your niche and answer it with different account. Although this is not as effective of someone really asking the question, this still can bring traffic for those who search with the same/related question. and if you are lucky and get the question to rank in google, you are in for a treat.